RAM’s Exclusive 5-Step Process

to Claim It The Right Way:


Inspect the property:
RAM Claims Adjusters investigate the damage, cause, origin and everything necessary to prove it.


Policy review:
We will study your insurance policy to verify all the conditions and exclusions.


Prepare an estimate for repairs.
RAM uses the latest in technology to prepare your claim. You documentation may include:
✔ Thermal Images
✔ Video
✔ Pictures
✔ Expert Opinions


RAM represents you during the whole process.
WE’RE THERE every time the insurance company schedules a visit to inspect or reinspect your property.

Even when they fail to show up!


Maximize your settlement.
We’re very good at negotiating claims. Getting you paid in full the first round of negotiations with your insurance company. Even in the rare occurrence your insurance payout is less than satisfactory RAM will continue working until we collect what you are totally owed.

Free Damage & Policy Review

Free Damage & Policy Review