The Great American Story

Hi, I’m Raul Mayorga, and this my journey that created RAM Claims Adjusting:

Raul Mayorga

Nobody grows up aspiring to become a Public Adjuster. It’s a job you grow into.

My life’s path began in Colombia. I grew up together with my sister and mom. It was tough for my mother. She was raising 2 kids alone. My mother is a strong woman and taught us by example to be honest to others and ourselves in all we do, work hard to the best of our abilities, and be a leader in our community. She also taught me to be brave and take risks.

Uncle Cesar was a very successful person. He was a very professional man. He too demonstrated an honest strong work ethic. I loved my Uncle and wanted to be just like him. He filled the roll of my father.

Together they grounded me through all the Colombia ciaos that was to come.

“At at early age, I learned the four things you need to be a great Public Adjuster:
➊ Honesty
➋ Integrity
➌ a strong work ethic, and to
➍ Treat people as human beings with respect.”
Raul Mayorga
Founder RAM Claims Adjusting LLC

Colombia became too dangerous for us. All our lives were threatened! Our mother was working as a leader for local political campaign. Under fear of death the three of us left Colombia with only three bags and the cloths on our backs. Little money and nothing else. We arrived in the United States of America to seek political Asylum in 1999.

I was just 18. Only knew Spanish. No English. Didn’t know it. Didn’t like it! Mom and my sister had the same trouble. Our new friend gave us a room for 2 months to get started. We all worked odd jobs to get by. For me it was home construction. With positive focus I learned to speak English and became a US citizen.

People came to know me for all the good values my mother taught me. Be honest to others in all we do, work hard to the best of our abilities, be a leader, be brave, and take risks. It didn’t matter that I lacked experience because I was a positive, focused, go-getter. A fast learner who liked challenges.

Michael worked for a Public Adjuster. I didn’t know what a Public Adjuster was. We got to know each other well on several construction jobs and became friends. He was a successful Public Adjuster and I admired him for that. Michael recognized my rare work ethic and offered me a job. He’d to be my mentor; I would be his apprentice to become a Public Adjuster. So I was brave and took the risk.

I became very good at my new job. Took college courses and passed my Public Adjuster certification exam. I soon became a licensed Public Adjuster in the State of Florida. Over my 2 years as an apprentice, I processed about 500 homeowner insurance claims. Every month I got 20 homeowners the money they deserved to restore their homes to their satisfaction. I took great pride in my work. Like mom taught me… do the job done to the best of your ability, and treat people as human beings with respect.

It’s not uncommon for some Public Adjusters to have conflicted ethics.

Their strategy is to overstate the damages. You’d think asking for more money than reasonable would get the homeowner a bigger check in the end. But the overstated damages strategy usually doesn’t work our for the homeowner. However I’ve found a better way.

Most Public Adjusters see their jobs as a numbers game. They’re claim flippers. Just get in and get out. The overstated damages strategy works for the Public Adjuster who file as many claims as they can, as fast as they can, to maximize their earnings. This is not in the best interest of the homeowner. You should never work with any Public Adjuster if they are rushed or make you feel rushed to hire them. Claim flipping is unfortunately a common practice among lesser Public Adjusters.

The insurance company will always offer significantly less money than the homeowner need to restore their home to make the homeowner whole again.

In actually, they expect the homeowner to ask for more. When a Public Adjuster is not acting in good faith then they use the overstated damages strategy. By asked for an unqualified pie-in-the-sky amount of money, the insurance company usually pulls back closer to their original offer. So the homeowner doesn’t receive all the monies they potentially can get.

In my years years as a Public Adjuster I have learned you can claim it the wrong way, or claim it the right way.

In 2010 I founded RAM Claim Adjusting Inc with one purpose…to Claim it the right way!

Learn more about our process. RAM’s 5-Step Process